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How Alpha Uno Started

Both Veronica and I (Rodney) are a couple who are very passionate about fitness, having healthy lifestyle, and most importantly helping others! We loved it so much, that we started helping others achieve their goals (for weightlifting, toning, losing weight, and simply being more mobile) from our own garage. We converted our garage into a home gym and opened our doors in 2018 to members who wanted to change or simply wanted to use this lifestyle as a hobby. We love seeing people accomplish their goals and watching the expressions they make after achieving something they thought were never possible!
By the end of 2019, we outgrew our garage gym we then decided it was time to start looking for an actual location so that we can all be able to fit comfortably and receive new incoming members.
In January of 2020, we found our gym location in the City of Champions (Inglewood). All of our members were excited to see our new location. Here we attracted people of all ages from toddlers to the elderly and people of all backgrounds. We were meant to have this location because the city of Inglewood need a gym in the community that would bring everyone together! Sad to say that shortly after opening our doors, we had to postpone our Grand Opening because of the pandemic.
Despite the pandemic, our members are still very dedicated and motivated that they followed in all the movements we have made from virtual to outdoors workouts.
We have become one big family not just a community. We are a “Strong Alphamilia!”

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